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13 million states (2018)

duration: 9 min /loop
2018/11/02 biennale Pochen
chemnitz central station

In November 2018, as part of the Biennale Pochen, I had the opportunity to realize a light-installation/-animation on the illuminated media facade of Chemnitz Central Station. The ten-minute sequence was shown alternately with contributions by two other artists for 15 days from sunset to sunrise. The facade itself was designed by the architect group Grüntuch Ernst. The lighting was developed in collaboration with the artist group random international in 2016. During the realization of this project, I attached great importance to conceiving the facade not as an simple video-/information-screen, but as an independent piece of art, which requires formal conditions for any kind of content. 


I‘ve tried to include the arrangement and contour of the individual segments, the possibilities and limits of the light sources, the refraction in the radiation behavior, as well as the aesthetics of the facade, into my compositional and artistic work. The title „13 Millionen Zustände“ (13 million states) refers to the number of possible illumination states (frames) of the LED facade within the exhibition period. Within 15 days, the facade changes its appearance about 13 million times.

photos by Antje Meichsner
video-documentation by Biennale Pochen / Mark Frost