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/in der kurve liegend

/with antje meichsner,
deborah geppert]

duration: 21 min
2018/04/19 oktogon
academy of fine arts, dresden

The performance „standpunkt /in der kurve liegend“ was performed on april 14, 2018 in the rooms of the Oktogon, at the Dresden academy of fine arts, as part of the re-investiture-venue of the rector of the academy of fine arts, Matthias Flügge. It is divided into three parts, which were developed separately by different artists, but are strongly coordinated in terms of form and content.

[00:00-20:55] movement Deborah Geppert

[00:00-10:10] sound Simon Hillm

[10:10-20:55] sound Antje Meichsner

//references // audio: :

part 1 simon hillme [10:18]  / soundcloud

part 2 antje meichsner [11:43] / soundcloud